Why don’t I have the option to receive a refund?

What's a virtual event?

A virtual event is an opportunity for you to celebrate your training and event day on the day of your choosing. Plan to run your registered distance (5k, 10k, or half marathon) any day between now and the originally scheduled Gazelle Girl Half Marathon on 4/19/2020. We look forward to seeing our social pages both Facebook and instagram blow up with your run experiences in your neighborhoods with your kids or furry friends! #runwhereyouare and share!

Do I need to submit my time?

No – this is a “your run at your pace” event.  Anyone can join us to run, jog, or walk. It is our aim to keep the happy endorphins flowing and provide a reason to keep training and get families on board too! Let’s keep uplifting each other through this very difficult time.

Do I still get my Double Down Medal?

If you participate in Gazelle Girl Virtual and Riverbank Run, you will be eligible to receive your Double Down Medal.

What is the process for getting my Double Down Medal?

This is unknown at this time, as it hinges on the current state of the COVID-19 virus and current mandates on events and gatherings at that time. Please allow us some time to determine with better information.

How do I get my shirt and medal?

Shirts and medals will be shipped in advance of race day for those registered by April 1. Please know it is our goal for those to arrive prior to the original event date, however, shipping times cannot be guaranteed. Those registered after April 1 will likely receive their shirts and medals after race day. We will continue to ship through race day, April 19. 

We will not be able to exchange shirt sizes until Gazelle Sports stores reopen. 

When do I have to complete my virtual event by?

You must complete your virtual run by end of day on April 19.

How will I get my charm?

If you purchased a charm for the 2020 event it will be shipped with your shirt and medal as a virtual participant. There are no charm refunds for those who opted to defer, however we will ship charm purchases to those having chosen this option as well.

How does this impact legacy runners? Do they have to do the virtual race?

Legacy runners will still be acknowledged if they have opted to join the run virtually. Those who chose to defer, will not be recognized as legacy runners.

What about Weekend Experience?

All Weekend Experience add-on purchases will be refunded. If you purchased a Weekend Experience, you will be notified via email about the refund process.


Why don’t I have the option to receive a refund?

With a year long planning process, many deposits and investments need to be made in advance of race day. In order to cover our existing costs, and ensure that Gazelle Girl is able to continue forward in 2021, refunds will not be issued.

What is the process for cancelling my hotel room for Embassy Suites?

Be sure to contact Embassy Suites 48 hours in advance of your reservation at the following number:  616-512-5700.

Will there be a Gazelle Girl 2021?

YES! We are planning to host our 2021 event on April 18, 2021.