9 min Pacer: Katie Tebrake 2017-05-23T17:56:55+00:00

Project Description


Bio: I was first introduced to running as a way to stay in shape for other sports in high school. I ran off and on over the years as a way to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors. Running has given me confidence, strength and a voice that I didn’t know I had- or thought I had lost over the dizzying days of life and mothering. It has become an impeccable metaphor for the life journey that I have found extremely rewarding and empowering. I discover more of who I am as a woman, mom, wife, and friend during my early miles with friends. I was a Gazelle Girl Pacer for the last 2 years and both races were amazing experiences! I love cheering fellow women along the race and enjoy keeping the runners on pace for their goals! I want to give back again to the community that has captured my heart! I want to be a Gazelle Girl pacer again because I want to encourage and aide women runners to meet their goals and to help them believe that they are strong, brave, and able to cross the finish line.

Why Gazelle Girl: Gazelle Girl is a unique and special race! This race celebrates all the ups and downs in each runner’s “story.” I have such a passion for celebrating the gift of life, and running is one metaphor to illustrate the journey. This race reminds me of how strong women are and I love watching all the different people accomplishing their personal triumphs!