8:30 Pacer: Lindsey Desarmo 2017-05-23T17:56:55+00:00

Project Description


Bio: Three running memories are burned into my brain. My first real event ended in the med tent dry heaving and dehydrated. I was 19, lost and alone in a sea of runners, insecure and overwhelmed. 2. After running my first marathon at 26. I dropped a sock on the walk back to the hotel. I stared down at the object as if it was 5,000lbs. Serious consideration was given to leaving it there I was so sore. 3. At age 30, I remember my sister cheering me on in the rain, wind and 40 degree weather at mile 3 in the 2015 Boston marathon. She hopped out from the crowd and ran with me in the rain after driving 12 hours to be there. I am thankful for this running journey where, from mistakes and pain, I gained experience and memorable moments. I want to be there for others to be supportive and ensure first experiences in a racing environment are not like mine was. To share in the journey with other women and give back in this way would be a true honor.
Why Gazelle Girl: GR, Gazelle and Girl Power. What more can I say? 🙂 This event is a positive model for races across the country in a number of ways. I have always been impressed and attracted to this event based on what Gazelle stands for, empowering women to achieve their best selves through community and physical activity. Get it ladies! I also value the energy and dedication to making this a zero waste event.