Project Description


Bio: I have participated on the Gazelle Girl pace team every year since the beginning. This race holds a special place in my heart as it helped me to achieve goals I didn’t think possible. Pacing pretty close to my own race pace for a couple years, especially during rain, sleet, and snow helped me power through, as my job was to keep this group of women on pace. Little did they know, they were keeping me on pace :) In the last three years I ran my first full marathon, ran the Boston marathon, and just recently completed my first 50K. Although my true love is running on the trails, I still enjoy training with RunGR and doing a few road half marathons each year.

Why Gazelle Girl: I’ve had the privilege of running this race all four years so far as a pacer. Helping other women to achieve their goals is so much more important to me than getting my own personal PR. Having only a couple years of distance running under my belt, I still remember what it’s like to be a beginner and the types of encouragement that helped me to become the runner I am today. I love being able to make the women around me smile. Last year I even did myself in while pacing the 8 minute group: I knew something wasn’t quite right with my ankle at the start, but my job was to pace these ladies and that’s just what I did… I wasn’t able to run for 5 months after that race, due to the stress fracture in my ankle, but to this day I still say “It was worth it”, to help the group of women I did, achieve their goals and even do better than they thought they could.