8 min Pacer: Erika Kuhnle 2017-05-23T17:56:55+00:00

Project Description


Bio: Over 15 years or so, I’ve increased my racing distance and now enjoy training for and running trail ultramarathons. The longer distance races provide such a free space and a series of mental and physical ups and downs, which strips me down to essential, simple joy and gratitude of being able to move my body. Running road races for me is so exciting because of the crowds of people gathered to support the runners, to look around the crowd of participants and see all different sizes, shapes and types of people. It’s such a rush to experience all of a race – the week leading up to a big event, waiting in excited anticipation, preparing for the day of, toeing the line, starting in a mass of excitable runners, the crowd spreading, talking with the other runners along the course, thanking the many volunteers who make being there possible, and knowing that the finish line will come and when it does that it will feel so amazing to cross!!  

Why Gazelle Girl: I would love to be a Gazelle Girl Pacer so that I can be part of this event and help any runners with encouraging, supportive words, bring women up if they are struggling, watch for opportunities to bring people together and stay motivated. I do this in ultramarathons, even when someone looks like they will vomit, because I know how it feels to hear support when you need it most. It can make all the difference and turn your attention back when you didn’t think it could be possible. Having run this 1/2 marathon last year, I know how amazing it is and am thrilled for this opportunity to be part of something so big and important for our women’s running community.