14 min Pacer: Janine Donovan 2017-05-23T17:56:56+00:00

Project Description


Bio: I’ve run 4 half marathons. I’m no record breaker, and Im ok with that. I have a busy life with four kids. When I run, I pray, I cry, I laugh, I think, I finish my thoughts, I love it. It’s my release. It’s my refuge. It’s my happy place where I can be totally me. I can stop and enjoy an amazing view of nature when I want. It’s all mine. I want to help other women feel strong, feel proud and enjoy being themselves with running, doing their personal best. I enjoy races the most when I find a new friend and help her finish her race, even if I have to slow down a little. I’ve enjoyed my race more when I’ve helped others enjoy and finish theirs.  
Why Gazelle Girl: I love that this race focuses on women. I believe that we can work together as women and be stronger and kinder, and achieve greatness. So many of us suffer with feeling inferior and catty towards other women. I think this race brings out the kindness, the good sportsmanship, the best in all of us.