13 min Pacer: Linda VanSteinvoorn 2017-05-23T17:56:56+00:00

Project Description


Bio: This year, 2016, has had its ups and downs in relation to running. I injured an ankle on March 30, and again in mid-June. In nearly 10 years of running I had never had an injury, until this year. I followed the mandatory “no running” rules and it left me slower, cut my stamina and endurance, and brought discouragement. I was supposed to pace for Gazelle Girl 2016 in the 13:00 group. I was determined not to break my legacy streak and volunteered to finish dead last as a Sweeper instead of pacing.

That covered the ‘down;’ the ‘up’ was that 2016 marked 10 years of long distance racing and events. In that time I’ve run thousands of miles in trainings, finished 30+ half marathons, taken on 40-100 miles long cycling events, tackled a few triathlons from Sprint to Half Iron distances, and raised over $23,000 for charity. My favorite race distance is the half marathon.

Why Gazelle Girl: I did the first Gazelle Girl because it honored the 40th anniversary of Title IX, and have finished every year since. This year, in 2017, marks the 45th anniversary of a turning point in women’s athletics. The race is so welcoming and supportive to a wide range of paces, and levels of running experience.