11 min Pacer: Angela Boynton 2017-05-23T17:56:55+00:00

Project Description

The thrill of the start line, the fun and sometimes very random conversation with people who are practically strangers, and the sharing of a great accomplishment is what makes me the most excited to pace this run! Those running with the 11min pace group can look forward to my “talking points” and “fun facts” when the going gets tough — if you’re lucky I might even sing an inspirational song — if you’re luckier, I won’t!

I was bitten by the running bug, or the bling (I’m still not sure) in 2010 🙂 I’ve loved this distance ever since. Through the ups and downs of life, running has really been my constant. I’m a wife and mom and I love celebrating the hard work and accomplishments of my fellow runners.