Project Description


Bio: I’m an injury-prone runner who manages to find reasons to keep coming back to the road despite ongoing challenges. Most recently, I’ve struggled with piriformis syndrome. I’m currently winning. Most days.

I’ve been running since 2012, when our daughter said she wanted to try out for her middle school cross country team. I was coming off an inactive year after I had to quit my first love, tae kwon do, because of multiple injuries. Running sounded safe … and boring. We tried Couch to 5K. I hated it.

Then I had shoulder surgery in the fall of 2013. That’s when I realized I was in love. With running. Couldn’t stop thinking about it. Talking about it. Reading about it. Wishing I was doing it.

When I finally got the go-ahead, I was even willing to do it on the — gasp! — treadmill.

I ran my first 50K ultra in 2016, first marathon in 2015 and my first half marathon in 2014.


Why Gazelle Girl: My best running friends convinced me to run Gazelle Girl last year against my will. The idea of running with just women didn’t appeal to me at all.

I take it all back! It was an incredibly positive experience; the event was incredibly well-run and enjoyable. I hope to go back every single year!

Plus, who doesn’t love getting jewelry?!