Millennium Park – Walker
April 17 | 8 AM
Host: Sonya Perakis

Ferry Park – Grand Haven
April 17 | 8 AM
Host: Barbara Ver Duin Berko 

Kent Trail Head at 84th St – Bryon Center
April 17 | 9 am
Host: Stephanie Adams

Garden Club Park/Kayla Rae Cellars – Rockford
April 17 | 9 am

Host: Tracy Bonga

Kent District Library – East Grand Rapids
April 17 | 11 am

Host: Team StellFly

Milham Park – Portage
April 17 | 8 am

Host: Natalie Rowe

Minges Brook Elementary School – Battle Creek
April 17 | 7 am 
and April 18 | 10 am

Host: Nikki Elder

Riverside Park – Grand Rapids
April 18 | 8 am

Host: Real Women Tri

Hastings Tyden Park – Hastings
April 18 | 9 am

Host: Kim Barnes

Holland Civic Center Parking Lot – Holland
April 18 | 8 am

Host: Allison Land

Tower Park – Greenville
April 18 | 11 am

Host: Heather Durian

Please note that these group runs are hosted by Gazelle Girl community members, not Gazelle Girl or Gazelle Sports. Participation is voluntary and at your own risk. Click the event you’re interested in to get more information on each event via Facebook.

Please be sure to wear at mask at the start and finish of these events. Aid stations will not be available so be sure to carry the nutrition and hydration that you need on your person.