Gazelle Girl MeetUps

Gazelle Girl Meetups are opportunities to connect with other women who are training for (or considering training for!) the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon, 10k, & 5k! Many of the events are free while some of them may have a fee to cover costs; when space is limited for certain events, pre-registration will be offered. All the Gazelle Girl Meetups are designed with friendship and support in mind. Please check back often as more Gazelle Girl Meetups will be added (on the Lakeshore and east side of the state too!) and like us on Facebook where we will keep you posted on everything Gazelle Girl!

Gazelle Girl MeetUp: GVSU Edition

February 13, 5:15 pm
F ebruary 14, 12 pm
GVSU Allendale Campus Kelly Family Sports Center Track

Join us at Grand Valley for a half hour group run, followed by a half hour yoga stretch session led by Elizabeth Sanders of Kula Yoga.

Group run provides options for all Gazelle Girl training plans for the 5k, 10k and half distances.

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Gazelle Girl MeetUp: Fenn Valley Edition

April 15, 3 pm
Fenn Valley Winery


Join us for a private Winery Tour and Wine tasting, including samples of the Fenn Valley wine and cider that will be at the Finish Line Festival. This tour and tasting, valued at $10, is FREE for Gazelle Girls. Only 30 spots are open for this exclusive MeetUp, so sign up soon!
** Note: Event will be approximately an hour and a half to an hour and fourty-five minutes long. **

Love your Gazelle Girl shirt from previous years? We will have Gazelle Girl shirts available for purchase for a $5 donation. Cash or check only.

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