I am a type A personality to my core. I’m such a strong type A that I should be an A+. I love my planner. I love my calendar. I love training schedules (yes, I already added the Gazelle Girl training schedule to my planner). I love sitting down to figure out my plan for the week and color-coding my planner. I love sharing my plans for the week and then sharing when I complete my goals. Planning is one way that I make sure to do the work to achieve all my running goals. High five if you are like me! If not, don’t worry! I have a few tips if you need help in the workout planning department…or if you are just looking for new ideas.

1. Make time for your workouts and schedule it in your calendar. If I don’t plan something, it doesn’t happen. Every Sunday, I sit down and add my workout plans for the week to my planner.

2. Share your workout plans on Facebook and Instagram. If you need public accountability, this is the best way to do it. Let people know what you are planning to do.

3. I put together all my workout outfits for the week. It’s like meal prepping, but with clothes. The last thing I want to think about in the morning is what to wear. I have these cute bags that I fill with my leggings, top, socks and sports bra. I put together the basics and then add other items the night before depending on the weather.

4. If you prefer to workout with friends, start a group text/email to discuss when you can workout together each week. Every Friday, I start a group email to my Gazelle Girl friends and we coordinate our schedules to figure out when we can workout together.

I hope at least one of these ideas is interesting to you. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!