I began running back in middle school. Throughout high school, due to participation in other sports during track and cross country season, I joined the running club to keep in shape. In the middle of my run one day with another classmate, she turns to me and says, “you should be a pacer.” At the time I thought to myself, “yeah, right.” I’m just out here running for the fun of it, not really doing anything special. But to her, I had set the pace and was keeping her motivated at doing the same. Years later, I signed up for my first pacing experience at the Riverbank Run, pacing the 9:00 minute group, and absolutely loved it!! The thing about pacing is that it’s not about you. I mean, you definitely have to be on your game and achieve the goal you set for the group. But really, it’s about the runners that are depending on you. Whether it’s their first time crossing the finish line, or they’re trying to hit a PR. You’re their go-to person who is going to get them there. My job is to be encouraging, engaging, and provide them the best experience they can have. Seeing runners meet their goals and accomplish something they may have never thought possible is so satisfying and an honor to be a part of!!