Running is something my mom got me into after having my second child. She was always telling me how much fun it was, how it was time for myself, and a how it’s a great way to stay healthy. She was right. Eventually it turned into something more; I truly enjoyed it, looked forward to it, missed it when I didn’t get it in and found it therapeutic.

Over the years I discovered just how great the running community in Grand Rapids really is, which made me want to give back. Gazelle Girl 2019 was my first-time pacing, it was fun and rewarding at the same time. I truly enjoyed pounding the pavement with women I had never met & hearing their stories. All while supporting and motivating them in accomplishing a half marathon. Just like last year, Gazelle Girl 2020 is not for me, it is for the wonderful women that I will have the privilege of pounding the pavement with.