My husband, an avid runner since middle school, tried to get me to run. I went a couple of times with him and wasn’t really “feeling it.” Years later, a girlfriend of mine started a “couch to 5k” program. She asked if I’d like to go jogging/walking with her and some other women. Immediately I said no thanks, I don’t run. She gently pushed and I reluctantly went along. We did jog/walking training at first, while chit chatting about the kids, our lives, the crap we went through all day. It was actually fun! I began to look forward to our evening running sessions so we could catch up with each other.

We ended up naming ourselves Team Badassity, we were so cool. 4 weeks later we found ourselves registering for our first real race! It was a 5k. We were so proud, we felt so strong. Afterwards we got dressed up and went out to celebrate. What a feeling of accomplishment! Some of us went on to run a half marathon 6 months later. Some of us went on to run more than 25 half marathons-not me, I’ve run about 10 since then. But it all came back to hanging out with girlfriends. There was no pressure, it was our escape. It felt like magic how we all came together and became closer, stronger, and faster, and just better together. So go call a girlfriend and see if she’d like to run with you! You might just change her life, just like Julie changed mine. I’m so grateful she didn’t give up on me.