Thoughts On Not Getting That PR

I tapered. I got extra sleep that week. I carbo-loaded the night before. I thought I had done everything right. But, I did not get the PR I had been chasing at my last half marathon. Not even close.

When I crossed the finish line, I was disappointed. I usually hang around after the race and mingle, but that chilly Sunday I couldn’t get back to my car fast enough. Defeated, I started the long journey home. It was about a 90-minute trip, with a significant portion on the lonely back roads of Gratiot County; so, I had quite a bit of time alone with my thoughts. I pored over my training in my mind, trying to find some mistake, but I kept coming up empty handed. The truth was, I just had a bad day, plain and simple.

A couple days later, I met up with my Tuesday night running group. They didn’t ask me what happened, or question my training or race prep. They just listened, and we moved on to out other standby running conversation topics: upcoming races, new stores in town. I started to come to the conclusion that if I wanted to continue to enjoy running, I had to move on from this one setback.

The next morning, I drank my coffee and headed to the gym. I sang Andra Day’s “Rise Up” in my head as I stretched my calves. Taking a deep breath, I hit the green ‘start’ button on the treadmill and took off running. A familiar sense of joy moved into my brain and body. I love running. One race will not change that. Time to move forward.