It’s all about the journey!

I began my running journey in the midst of a difficult time in life. My daughter suggested I run, as a coping mechanism. As a non runner, I laughed. She encouraged me and began the journey with me, from one driveway to the next, then two driveways and so on until I could run a mile. We signed up for a 5K and she ran with me, encouraging me all the way. We crossed the finish line, upright and smiling. I soon learned, I had no speed but had patience and persistence. I signed up for a half marathon, finished that event and life would never be the same.

A dozen years later, I’m still running! I enjoy setting goals and crossing finish lines! I have set some time goals, some distance goals but always plan to enjoy the miles and finish, upright and smiling! I have become a mentor, coach and pacer. It gives me great joy to come alongside women who are unsure and encourage them to finish.

Sometimes my family and non running friends do not “get” why I do what I do. What I would like them to understand is that running saved my life, or at least my sanity. I have met some amazing people who enjoy finish lines as much as I do. I have been blessed to run events in some beautiful places. I have come alongside some beautiful souls who have shared the journey. In 2020, I will celebrate 20 years as a Cancer survivor! I will turn 60! Yikes! I will set new goals, surround myself with awesome running friends, who will share the miles. I am hoping to enjoy the journey and cross some finish lines, upright and smiling!