Why run?

For me, running is a way to stay healthy both mentally and physically. I love running…well I love running after a run is over. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a training run or a race. I don’t really worry about my pace or what place I will end up in, but I do care about getting outside and being active. I run to stay in shape (or at least to fit into the one pair of pants in my closet that does not have an elastic waistband). I also need to run in order to keep up with my two kids, and I mean this quite literally since my oldest child will finish a 5K in almost half the time it takes me to finish one.

I also run to stay strong mentally. Working full time, taking graduate classes part time, and being a mom all the time certainly is a wonderful and rewarding endeavor, but stressful nonetheless. In order to relieve that stress (and occasionally enjoy some social time with friends) I like to lace up my sneaks and hit the trails. There is no better (or cheaper) way for me to really sweat out the stress than to enjoy a nice short solo run or a social long run. Rather than asking “why run?” I ask why not run?