I have been a runner my whole life. As an adult I started causally running again after our 2nd son was born. After our 3rd son was born, I ran my first 5k race and remembered how awesome crossing that finish line is! After running a couple 5k’s I get this flyer in the mail for the “Gazelle Girl 5k and half marathon”. I toyed with the idea of running a half marathon and by the time I got the courage to sign up, it had sold out. I did the 5k and absolutly LOVED the atmosphere.

The next year I stalked the website and signed up as soon as I could! I was hooked! Years 3, 4, 5, and 6 I asked for an entry to the half marathon every year for Christmas! I made several friends and realized that I wanted to be that cheerleader for women as we ran. So 2019 I applied to be a pacer and when I got accepted. I was excited and nervous! Race day came and it was AWESOME!! Being a Gazelle Girl is a now a way of life for me and I am honored to part of this family!