I was never athletic growing up. Though I attempted a variety of sports, nothing ever really clicked…primarily, because I sucked. You were more likely to find me with my nose buried in a good book than getting my “sweat on”.

Before this running gig, I was basically a gym girl who hopped on an elliptical, walked on a treadmill or hit a fun aerobics class. So, what brought me to running? Well big change can bring on big, fabulous, awesome growth if you let it. The end of a many years long relationship with my boyfriend forced me to seek a new job, new home and a new tribe. I was open to meeting different people and trying fresh things. After working my way up to run/walking 3 miles on a treadmill, a new friend suggested I join some ladies for a “short” jog of 4 miles around a local lake. She assured me that they walked periodically, talked a lot and that the time would fly. She was right and it was fun!! And 3-4 miles turned into longer distances.

That same a.m. women’s running clan decided to run the Chicago marathon and they encouraged me do the same. Thinking they were all registering, I signed up only to discover that one other person followed through. I did my training and completed my first race EVER in 1999 —the Chicago Marathon.

From there I kind of caught the competitive bug and began doing triathlons, duathlons and trail races to add some spice to my running fun. Though I love being a participant at events, now my primary focus is helping others achieve their goals…and pacing is the perfect vehicle for me to give back to the running community. I love pacing Gazelle Girl half marathon for the positive energy, supportive atmosphere and the fun course in my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI. I have paced more than 25 races-mostly half marathons with some 25K’s and a couple of marathons.  I work as a health and wellness coach and live with my rescue dog, Dexter (affectionately called “Triple D” for Dexter Da Destroyer).  I believe exercise saves lives … and sanity and makes a better world. Healthy body, healthy mind, happy people…better world!!