Here are my tips on how to stay motivated to get out and run!

During the colder months it’s sometimes easier to want to curl up with some hot tea, a good book and a warm blanket than get outside and get your “run on.”

I’ve discovered a few things that have helped me stay on track during the winter months.

1) Run with a group or running buddy. Accountability and connection can really fuel your motivation.

2) Sign up for some races of varying distances to keep on track. Who can resist some winter race swag??

3) Change it up. Whether it’s the route you take or the terrain you run in, it’s fun to try new places to run. I often try to seek out trails during the winter because it’s less windy in the woods, softer to land on if you fall and beautiful flora and fauna.

4) Buy some cute and functional winter running gear. Getting out with some fun new stuff can be really motivating. I just got a nice winter running top and mittens so I could play comfortably out on the trails. Gazelle has some great finds so consider investing in some new stuff.

5) Treat yourself. Plan on hot coffee, hot chocolate, apple cider or breakfast right after your cold weather run. You’ll have something to look forward to the entire time you’re running.