What do I do?

Event day is so exciting and filled with an energy like no other event around. If you’re new to an event like this, you may be wondering: what do I do first? Here’s your guide:

Your event day guide:


Check back for an updated parking map. In the meantime, click here to see last year’s map.We suggest parking by 7 am so you have plenty of time to get ready for your event.  

Event Check-In + Registration

If you did not check in and get your bib at the Expotique, you’ll find the Event Check-In tent at Calder plaza. Find your bib number online, and then find the appropriate line. You’ll be given your bib and safety pins, your event shirt and a clear plastic bag you can use for Gear Check.

If event caps have not been reached, event day registration will be available. You’ll be assigned a bib number and can then go to Event Check-In.


Gear Check

Gear Check allows you to stow your belongings while you’re out on the course. It will be organized sequentially bib number.

When you pick up your bib number at Check-In, you will receive a large, clear bag. This is the only bag allowed to be checked with your belongings. Please use the gear check tag affixed to your bib number to identify your bag. Attach your tag to your gear bag with provided zip tie. After the race, reclaim your checked bag at the location where you dropped it off.

Please note: DO NOT leave valuables, cash or jewelry in your gear bag. The event is not responsible for any lost items. Gear bags must be claimed before close of the Finish Line on race day


We will have LOTS of these on Calder Plaza to use before you get in line for you event. 

Getting in line

Half Marathon participants should line up according to pace, with the fastest runners in the front and the walkers at the back. Please look for the pace signs to help you figure out where you should line up. If you are walking the half marathon, please line up at the end of the line of runners.

10k participants should line up AFTER the half marathon participants have all crossed the starting line. 10k participants should not line up with the half marathon participants. The 10k will start at 8:25 am.

5k participants should line up AFTER the 10k participants have all crossed the starting line. 5k participants should not line up with the 10k participants The 5k will start at 8:40 am.

There are no pace groups for the 5k and 10k, but volunteers will be holding pace per mile signs at the start to assist with your line up. Walkers should line up at the very back.

After your event

After you cross the finish line, please enjoy post-event nutrition/hydration before heading to the Finisher Awards tent on Calder Plaza to claim your bling! Note: participants MUST show their bib to receive the finisher prize. If the correct bib is not displayed, the finisher gift will not be available.

Then, stick around and enjoy the finish-line festival!

Finish Line Festival

We are excited to continue building upon the finish line tradition and are planning a finish line festival that is bigger and better than ever! As you cross the finish line enjoy live music, food trucks, interactive sponsor booths, beer and wine. 

Bring a valid ID if you would like an alcoholic beverage. Your race bib does not count as ID. 
The bar is cash only. 

Weather Policy - Will the race be cancelled?

If it’s just rain or snow, the race goes on! You’ll see colored flags at our aid stations to alert you about weather conditions. Flags change color if weather heightens risk to the race (high winds, lightening/storms). If you see black flags, the race is cancelled.

What's the protocol in hazardous weather?

Hazardous Weather and Evacuation Protocol

The Gazelle Girl Half Marathon (GGHM) may be delayed up to one hour from the 7:30 a.m. (EST) start time due to hazardous weather or environmental conditions. After one hour, if conditions are still deemed too hazardous, the event will be canceled and no refunds will be provided. Cancellation of the event will be determined by GGHM officials in conjunction with the Grand Rapids Police Department and the City of Grand Rapids Office of Special Events.

FOG. If a heavy fog is present 15 minutes prior to the start time that substantially reduces visibility on the course and surrounding streets, event officials should determine if a delay until visibility has improved or a cancellation to ensure the safety of event participants and volunteers is required.

ICE. An ice storm within four hours of start time should be considered potentially dangerous to participants. Streets used for the race course will be treated appropriately with anti-ice agents coordinated by the City of Grand Rapids Office of Special Events. With a mid-April event, ice on the course is unlikely but should be considered as weather patterns during the past several years have been unpredictable. Extremely icy conditions and/or freezing rain near or at the 7:30 a.m. start will make the event subject to delay and/or cancellation if conditions are too dangerous at the start time.

LIGHTNING. An electrical storm within the race course area within one hour of the 7:30 a.m. start time should be considered potentially life threatening to participants, volunteers and spectators. In addition, timing mats will have to be turned off if lightning occurs as they can transport an electrical shock to those crossing the mats. A determination should be made by 7:10 a.m. as to whether the race should be continued as scheduled, delayed until the storm has passed or canceled altogether. While the determination is being made, participants, volunteers and spectators will be directed by the event emcees, staff and key volunteers, and the Grand Rapids Police Department, to take shelter in the Fifth Third Bank and Government Center underground parking levels.

TEMPERATURE. Extremely cold temperatures, although not likely, can happen in April and shouldn’t be taken lightly as frostbite can occur when parts of the body are exposed to temperatures below freezing for even a limited duration of time. Low temperatures, combined with wind producing wind chill, can be brought down further. Conditions can then become problematic for participants, especially if dressed inadequately for the conditions. If problematic temperatures are present when check-in opens on race day (6:30 a.m.), participants should be encouraged to stay in the Celebration tent on Calder Plaza (if heated) or return to their vehicles, remaining there until just before their start, then returning to the tent or seeking alternative options following their event as quickly as possible for shelter. The same should be said of volunteers, moving to and from assignments as quickly. If temperatures remain drastically below average, the event will be subject to delay and/or cancellation.

SEVERE WEATHER WATCHES AND WARNINGS. If there is a severe weather watch (thunderstorm, tornado, etc.) within two hours of start time and/or during the event, Gazelle Girl staff will work with the National Weather Service and the City of Grand Rapids Office of Special Events to monitor the situation while continuing to move forward with the event. If there is a severe weather warning, the National Weather Service will sound their siren for a tornado warning but not for a thunderstorm warning. As soon as weather is labeled “severe” by the National Weather Service, event emcees, staff and key volunteers will direct those at the start/finish line and/or Calder Plaza to evacuate to the Fifth Third Bank and Government Center underground parking ramp levels. If time allows, key staff will also unplug any electrical equipment in the area. Once the warning has passed, the Office of Special Events and the Grand Rapids Police Department will assist Gazelle Girl staff in determining whether or not the event can continue or be canceled with no refunds provided.

NON-WEATHER RELATED HAZARD. Occasionally, a situation may arise that could negatively impact the race course and/or surrounding area. If this happens in the two hours prior to the 7:30 a.m. start (i.e. residential/commercial fire, multi-vehicle accident, etc.) and the event can be re-routed around the situation, the continuation of the event and/or a one hour delay should be considered. If, however, a situation develops near start time that cannot be negated with minimal rerouting and/or a delay, the race could be canceled and no refunds provided. If an emergency situation arises which may impact the start/finish line and/or Calder Plaza, event emcees, staff and key volunteers will direct participants to the Fifth Third and Government Center underground parking levels.

What's the protocol in a medical emergency?

Metro Health University of Michigan Health and LIFE EMS will operate in official medical support roles for the event on Sunday, April 22.

Metro Health will be staged at the start/finish line on Ottawa Avenue in a 10×20 tent as well as at or near each official Aid Station on all event courses. Along with all medical supplies and staff, Metro Health will provide 15 cots for the start/finish line tent and one cot for each Aid Station location. Metro Health will have AED devices at each of their medical locations. Event staff may contact Dr. Ed Kornoelje (616.443.4394) or Van Miller (269.370.3529) for any non-medical emergency related questions. These Metro Health staff members will be in contact with staff at all the Aid Station locations and can route any necessary communication back and forth between the start/finish medical tent and on course medical locations.

LIFE EMS will have two trucks designated to the event, one parked near the start/finish line and one roaming truck near Leonard Street and Monroe Avenue which can move south or north as necessary. LIFE will also drop a golf cart to Metro Health staff at Aid Station C on North Park to use, if necessary, to access medical situations which may arise on the White Pine Trail. The golf cart will be equipped with a basic medical pack and an AED device. Both the LIFE trucks will be equipped with AED devices and Epi Pens. The LIFE truck at the finish line will also have two wheelchairs available to transport anyone in medical distress to the medical tent from the start/finish line and/or Calder Plaza. The LIFE Disaster Response Trailer will be parked at the Kent County Road Commission for maximum assessability to additional medical supplies should they be required.

Event staff may contact LIFE direct at 616.649.3007 for any non-medical related questions. Event staff and volunteers will be made aware of all the medical locations available and be directed to call 911 with medical emergencies. If non-medical emergency situations arise with participants, spectators or other volunteers (i.e. cramping, blisters, falls, etc.), and volunteers/staff are near a medical station, they will be directed to seek assistance from the medical station for the person in distress or direct the person in distress to the nearest medical station if they cannot leave their post at that time.

Metro Health staff will be responsible for providing information on any LIFE EMS transports and/or medical situations which may keep a participant in a medical area for an unusually long time to the Gazelle Girl Information/Volunteer Check-in area. Gazelle Girl staff can then, if necessary, look up emergency contact information for notification purposes as well as have information available for anyone missing a family member or friend.

Some tips for a great event!

Prepare the night before! Lay out what you want to wear, pack your bag and be ready to go.

Make sure you have everything, especially your bib, before you leave your vehicle after parking.

If the forecast looks chilly or like rain, a dry change of warm clothes or a towel can be nice to have. Think comfort! Dry shoes or comfy slips on can feel great on sore feet. Store these items at gear check so you can grab them after you are done!

Clothes discarded during the event will be picked up and donated to charity. Please plan to drop them within the first mile or at an aid station.

Remember, nothing new on race day! Wear clothes/shoes/socks you’ve worn before. Eat similarly to your training runs.

HAVE FUN! Today is a celebration!

Get social! Use #GazelleGirl on Twitter and Instagram to share photos and inspiration!

Event Day Schedule

6:30-8:30 am Event check-in and late registration (if event caps have not been reached)

7:30 am myTeam Triumph Gazelle Girl Half Marathon start

7:40 am Gazelle Girl Half Marathon start (staggered)

8:00 am Gazelle Girl 10k start

8:15 am myTeam Triumph 5k start

8:20 am Gazelle Girl 5k start

8:30 am-1:30 pm Finish Line Celebration (Calder Plaza)

9 am-1:30p Results look-up (Volunteer Check-in/Information Tent)

8:30 am-12:30 pm Finisher Awards available in tent north of the finish line

10:30 am Awards Ceremony (Finish Line Festival tent)

Streets will reopen to traffic at 11:30 am with those still participating asked to move to the sidewalks.  Those who do not finish by 12:30 pm when the finish line truss is removed will have.their finish time recorded with a hand-held scanner for inclusion in the results.