What do I do?

Event day is so exciting and filled with an energy like no other event around. If you’re new to an event like this, you may be wondering: what do I do first? Here’s your guide:

Your event day guide:


Check back for our parking map! We suggest parking by 7 am so you have plenty of time to get ready for your event.  

Event Check-In + Registration

If you did not check in and get your bib at the Expotique, you’ll find the Event Check-In tent at Calder plaza. Find your bib number online, and then find the appropriate line. You’ll be given your bib and safety pins, your event shirt and a clear plastic bag you can use for Gear Check.

If event caps have not been reached, event day registration will be available. You’ll be assigned a bib number and can then go to Event Check-In.


Gear Check


Gear Check allows you to stow your belongings while you’re out on the course. It will be organized sequentially bib number.

When you pick up your bib number at Check-In, you will receive a large, clear bag. This is the only bag allowed to be checked with your belongings. Please use the gear check tag affixed to your bib number to identify your bag. Attach your tag to your gear bag with provided zip tie. After the race, reclaim your checked bag at the location where you dropped it off.

Please note: DO NOT leave valuables, cash or jewelry in your gear bag. The event is not responsible for any lost items. Gear bags must be claimed before close of the Finish Line on race day


We will have LOTS of these on Calder Plaza to use before you get in line for you event. 

Getting in line

Half Marathon participants should line up according to pace, with the fastest runners in the front and the walkers at the back. Please look for the pace signs to help you figure out where you should line up. If you are walking the half marathon, please line up at the end of the line of runners.

10k participants should line up AFTER the half marathon participants have all crossed the starting line. 10k participants should not line up with the half marathon participants. The 10k will start at 8:15 am.

5k participants should line up AFTER the 10k participants have all crossed the starting line. 5k participants should not line up with the10k participants The 10k will start at 8:30 am.

There are no pace groups for the 5k and 10k, but volunteers will be holding pace per mile signs at the start to assist with your line up. Walkers should line up at the very back.

After your event

After you cross the finish line, please enjoy post-event nutrition/hydration before heading to the Finisher Awards tent on Calder Plaza to claim your bling! Note: participants MUST show their bib to receive the finisher prize. If the correct bib is not displayed, the finisher gift will not be available.

Then, stick around and enjoy the finish-line festival!

Finish Line Festival

We are excited to continue building upon the finish line tradition and are planning a finish line festival that is bigger and better than ever! As you cross the finish line enjoy live music, food trucks, interactive sponsor booths, beer and wine. 

Bring a valid ID if you would like an alcoholic beverage. Your race bib does not count as ID. 
The bar is cash only. 

Weather Policy - Will the race be cancelled?

If it’s just rain or snow, the race goes on! You’ll see colored flags at our aid stations to alert you about weather conditions. Flags change color if weather heightens risk to the race (high winds, lightening/storms). If you see black flags, the race is cancelled.

Some tips for a great event!

Prepare the night before! Lay out what you want to wear, pack your bag and be ready to go.

Make sure you have everything, especially your bib, before you leave your vehicle after parking.

If the forecast looks chilly or like rain, a dry change of warm clothes or a towel can be nice to have. Think comfort! Dry shoes or comfy slips on can feel great on sore feet. Store these items at gear check so you can grab them after you are done!

Clothes discarded during the event will be picked up and donated to charity. Please plan to drop them within the first mile or at an aid station.

Remember, nothing new on race day! Wear clothes/shoes/socks you’ve worn before. Eat similarly to your training runs.

HAVE FUN! Today is a celebration!

Get social! Use #GazelleGirl on Twitter and Instagram to share photos and inspiration!

Event Day Schedule

6:30-8:30 am Event check-in and late registration (if event caps have not been reached)

7:50 am myTeam Triumph Gazelle Girl Half Marathon start

8 am Gazelle Girl Half Marathon start (staggered)

8:20 am myTeam Triumph 10k start

8:25 am Gazelle Girl 10k start

8:40a Gazelle Girl 5k start

8:30 am-1:30 pm Finish Line Celebration (Calder Plaza)

9 am-1:30p Results look-up (Volunteer Check-in/Information Tent)

8:30 am-12:30 pm Finisher Awards available in tent north of the finish line

11:30 am Awards Ceremony (Finish Line Festival tent)