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How to Survive Running Through a Michigan Winter

by Christina Morrow I think it’s an unusual person who actually loves training through Winter in Michigan. It’s not only bitter cold most of the time, it’s often dark and icy, which can also make it frankly dangerous. But if you want to run a spring race, there’s a good chance you’ll also be running […]

Announcing our partnership with Mirna Valerio!

The holiday season can be tricky. Cocktails and cookies at every turn, while mass marketing tells us it’s okay because New Year’s resolutions are just around the corner and gyms will soon be offering their best deals to get us back on track. I am reading a book right now authored by ultra distance runner, […]

Charity Partner Spotlight: GROW + WANNABE

GROW is one of our charity partners. They provide education, connections and resources that create and strengthen women-owned businesses. Check out WANNABE, a business that GROW helped…well, grow!! WANNABE is also partnering with us on some upcoming events.  At WANNABE, we believe in the everyday female athlete. We believe in the struggle, the sweaty work, […]