A letter from Holly

In my letter, I said that we do not have all the answers about what 2021 will look like, and it’s true. But, here is what I do know:

I miss you!

I miss our facetime cries on that community page, because trust me I have cried many more times since transitioning Gazelle Girl to virtual in March. Life in America has been challenging to say the least in 2020.  However, there are silver linings if we look for them. I was gifted time to reignite my creative energies. I have rehabbed three wood pieces for our home. I picked strawberries with a friend, and made pie for two others. Planted a garden, and made salsa for the kids like so many years ago. I am so very thankful for my children and friends nearest to me and treasuring times spent through computer screens. I became a “foster fail’ to a sweet 12 year old Golden named Toby. My life has been “fur”ever changed for the good. We have New Balance on board for another year and we are full of gratitude that they see the value in the work Gazelle Girl is doing in this community. 

Wait! What? Did she just say another year? Does that mean what we think it does? Yes it does. While the method of execution remains uncertain, we march onward. That’s what the good work calls us to, right? Bold, courageous steps into the unknown.

Along with the support of presenting sponsor New Balance, I am charting out possible action plans in order to continue this legacy you look forward to every spring to kick off your 2021 “race” season. Here is the truth, it will take all of us. As the first of many races to be affected in 2020, and with less than 30 days to go, the impact was significant.

Since then the athletic community has come together to try to figure out how to make your morning arrival to the start line possible. Some races were able to “pivot” (This word ranks in the top three of the most overused words in 2020 list next to “unprecedented” and “times”) and do so with health and safety front of mind in significantly limiting capacity, extending corral times, and encouraging virtual participation.

I wish I could provide greater detail for the 2021 plan right now, but I can tell you this much: for now, please plan to lace your running shoes next year and dedicate your journey to seeing that we have the opportunity to celebrate all together on the next symbolic anniversary in 2022: 10 years. 

We can’t get there without you. Stay tuned to the Gazelle Girl community page on Facebook. Continue to share your stories, your experiences and your love of Gazelle Girl and I will continue to be inspired by the perseverance and strength of each and every one of you.

… and don’t forget, the female vote has power, and that’s exactly what Gazelle Girl was built on- Title IV and our right to participate. So, get out and vote.

-Holly Visser

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