Shirts, medals, missing items and more.

If you have received duplicate shipments of finisher swag needing to be returned or if you would like to exchange your shirt for a different size, please watch for Gazelle Sports to reopen stores according to the Governor’s guidelines and staged reopen for the State of Michigan.

If you are still awaiting the arrival of your finisher swag, please know that all remaining packages are in the process of being shipped.  We are currently tracking shipping progress and can report an average of ten days from start to delivery.  If however, you have not yet received your package, please contact us at If you have already reached out about your missing package, please expect an update on your package shipment in the next few days. Due to a glitch in the system, deferred registration reactivations defaulted to the original register date and may have been missed in the label cultivation.

Have you ever been unsure of your training and therefore held off on making a purchase in advance of an event and then regretted not having that special something? Me too! Here is your chance to order a commemorative 2020 Gazelle Girl charm for a necklace or bracelet. Charms can be purchased through Terryberry. Please contact Mike Byam at to order.

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