One down, more to go!

by Dr. Ed Kornoelke, DO | Medical Director, Gazelle Girl Half Marathon | Metro Health Sports Medicine

Way to go!  You have just finished one of the Gazelle Girl races and may wonder what to do next.  Here are a few reminders, as well as some specific advice for those running the Fifth Third River Bank Run.

As we noted before, it is not unusual to have some muscle or bone pain after a race.  Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) may actually make you feel more sore several days after a race.  This is due to microscopic muscle tissue damage—the better condition you were in going into the Gazelle Girl, the less likely this happened to you.  This should have improved a few days after the race, and be gone by now.  If you still have severe pain, or the pain is getting worse, pass on the race this weekend and see a sports medicine physician.

If you ran the Gazelle Girl as a training run for the River Bank Run, and you don’t have a marathon coming up soon, go ahead and race!  If you raced the Gazelle Girl or ran it faster than you planned, take it easy on Saturday.  The same goes for those who are planning on running a marathon in the next few weeks—you know who you are!  Also, if this is your first 25K, your body will notice the extra 2.4 miles.  Be ready for this—you will be able to do it, but may be surprised by how hard the extra miles are!

There are many places to find us if needed.  We have locations with sports med doctors all over town—check us out at for more information.  We are also seeing patients at the Metro Health Sports Medicine Center inside the Spartan Stores YMCA at the Metro Health Village.  Call 252-7778 for more information or to schedule an appointment.  And don’t forget about Injury Wise at Gazelle Sports Grand Rapids every Wednesday night from 6-8 PM.  These are brief one on one sessions open to active individuals of all ages and sports.  Contact Gazelle for more information.

Be active!

Edwin-Kornoelje-sportsDr Kornoelje has always had a passion for sports. Throughout his school career, he was involved in several sports including track and soccer, both as a player and aacoach. As such, he has been exposed to both the participant mentality as well as the injury side of Sports Medicine.

This passion for sport inspired him to enter the medical profession. He graduated from Calvin College & earned his medical degree from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. As a family practice physician, he then completed his Sports Medicine Fellowship at Metro Health Hospital.

Dr. Kornoelje currently serves as the Medical Director for Metro Health Sports Medicine, and is also the team physician for the Grand Rapids Griffins, West Michigan Whitecaps, Grand Rapids Rampage & West Michigan Edge. In addition to working with several area colleges & high schools, Dr. Kornoelje also serves as Medical Director for many local community events, including the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon.

Dr. Kornoelje has continued to find time to run as well as play & coach soccer in the midst of running a busy practice. This gives him a more hands on approach in his field as he works hard to find a balance between treating athletes as well as being an athlete. Since becoming involved with the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon, Dr K has competed in one full marathon and three half marathons, with two more full marathons on the schedule. If he can do it, so can you!



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