Gazelle Girl/Fifth Third Riverbank Run Double Down Medals

The Gazelle Girl/Fifth Third double down medal participants totaled nearly 800 women.  What an accomplishment ladies! On Saturday, we gave out 750 medals; unfortunately, we were short 50 medals. We sincerely apologize to those women who did not receive their well-earned medal. We have placed a rush order with our supplier, with an arrival date of May 27. Each woman impacted by this will be communicated with directly by the Gazelle Girl Race Director. Once they arrive, medals can be picked up at your nearest Gazelle Sports store or mailed to your home. If you have questions, please contact:

Thank you for joining us this year!

We hope you all enjoyed race day as much as we did! A BIG thank you to YOU, our wonderful sponsors and awesome volunteers for making this a wonderful day for running and community in downtown Grand Rapids.

Results can be found by clicking here. 


Photos by Stellafly can be found at these links:

5k Start and Finish Line
Half Marathon Start and Finish Line
Half Marathon & 5k on the Course
Expotique Photo Wall

If you’re interested in purchasing start/finish line photos, please contact
Bryan Esler 










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